Sunday, 3 January 2016

Minimum privileges required to access CRM application

Today we have a created a new security role in CRM and faced issues when we assigned it to the users.
Here is the list of minimum privileges required to access CRM application
Entity NamePrivilege(s)   Access LevelSecurity role “Tab” Name
User Entity UI SettingsCreate, Read, WriteUserCore Records
User SettingsReadUserBusiness Management
System FormReadOrganizationCustomization
Web ResourceReadOrganizationCustomization
  • To render the Home page: prvReadWebResource, prvReadCustomization
  • To render an Entity grid (that is, to view lists of records and other data): Read privilege on the entity, prvReadUserSettings, prvReadQuery
  • To view single Entity in detail: Read privilege on the entity, prvReadSystemForm,  prvCreateUserEntityUISettings, prvReadUserEntityUISettings
Hope this helps.
Happy CRM'ing

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