Thursday, 10 March 2016

Opportunity Sales Team - Access Team in CRM 2013/2015


We all know that Access Teams was the new feature in CRM 2013. Today I was working on Access Team where I have added a sub grid on the Form with the following properties.
Just before adding I have seen a OOB sub grid with name connections and did search on it. To my wonder, I found that adding the records to the connections internally adds the same user to Access Team which means we don't any more new sub grid.
I have added new Sub Grid as per the above screen shot.
1) Two sub grids a) Sales Team (Connections OOB) b) Access Team Member (Custom Sub grid which was added by me)
2) Added a user in the Sales Team (Connections OOB)

3) Refresh the page, you will see the same user has been added in the Access Team which means we don't need to add any new sub grid on the Opportunity to give access to the users.
Hope this helps.
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  1. This is helpful - thank you! I was trying to figure out what Access Team Template was being applied to the hidden access team for the SALES TEAM subgrid