Monday, 6 March 2017

Rollup view for activities with Dynamics CRM/365

In Dynamics 365, a new feature "Rollup View" relation behavior has been introduced. Before going in detail of this, let's understand Related Regarding Records view.

Related Regarding View - This is a special filter which automatically did a rollup of all activities associated with account/contact. It shows the activities from below conditions.

Activity associated with a child account or contact of the selected record.
Child Account or contact in the To/From (Activity party) of the activity.
Activity has the regarding set to an Opportunity, Quote, Order, Invoice, Case and Contract, a limited list of OOB entities.

If you created a custom entity that was parented by the Account or Contact and had activities created against this custom entity, they would not be displayed on the Account or Contact activities view even with the Related Regarding filter enabled.

This problem is solved by "Rollup view" feature in Dynamics 365. With this setting, we can now see the activities related to custom entities roll up to the account/contact. This is enabled only for Account and Contacts for now.

Here is the example for the same.

I have created a custom entity called Program which 1:N relationship with Account entity.
Open the Relationship and check the Relationship Behavior. You will a see setting as Roll View. Set it to Cascade All.
Create a Program record under Active Transport Inc. account and create an activity under it.
Now, navigate to "Active Transport Inc." account record and then to Activities Associated View. You will see the activity of the child records in this view.

The Rollup View flag can only be set if the following conditions are met:
  • The primary and the related entity must be a 1:N (one-to-many) or N:1 (many-to-one) custom relationship. The flag can’t be set on any out-of-the-box system relationships.
  • The primary entity for the relationship must be Account, Contact, or Opportunity. This is because these are the only entity forms in the system where the Activity Associated View appears. You can’t specify any other primary entity for activity rollups.
  • The related entity must support Activities.
Hope this helps.

Happy CRM'ing


  1. Is there any buzz on the performance hit when enabling this?
    Thanks Anne

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