Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Resolve and Cancel Cases in CRM/Dynamics 365 CE using C#


I was working on Service Module and had to develop a tool which can Resolve and Cancel cases.

Here is the C# code for the same.

To Resolve the Cases
        Entity IncidentResolution = new Entity("incidentresolution");
        IncidentResolution.Attributes["subject"] = "Subject Closed";
        IncidentResolution.Attributes["incidentid"] = new EntityReference("incident", guidCase);
        // Create the request to close the incident, and set its resolution to the
        // resolution created above
        CloseIncidentRequest closeRequest = new CloseIncidentRequest();
        closeRequest.IncidentResolution = IncidentResolution;
        // Set the requested new status for the closed Incident
        closeRequest.Status = new OptionSetValue(5);
        // Execute the close request
        CloseIncidentResponse closeResponse = (CloseIncidentResponse)iService.Execute(closeRequest);

To Cancel the Cases
       SetStateRequest request = new SetStateRequest();
       request.EntityMoniker = new EntityReference("incident", new Guid(strGuids[intGuid]));
       request.State = new OptionSetValue(2);
       request.Status = new OptionSetValue(6);
       SetStateResponse objResponse = (SetStateResponse)iService.Execute(request);

Hope this helps.

Happy CRM'ing


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