Friday, 10 January 2020

What's new - Personal Wall not showing on UCI Dashboard - Dynamics 365 CE

Hi Everyone,

Today, I got a requirement to show Personal Wall on a custom Dashboard on UCI. We all know that we just have to add PersonalWall.htm web resource on the Dashboard, after adding I have published and refreshed the page to check how it renders on UCI.

To my surprise, it didn't show and I opened Customer Service Representative Social Dashboard to check how it is working as the Personal Wall is pre-configured by Product on that dashboard. Somehow it didn't show there as well and on Classic it was perfectly fine.

Classic - Customer Service Representative Social Dashboard.

UI - Classic - Customer Service Representative Social Dashboard - The section itself is not shown.

After some search, I came to know that Personal Wall is no more working on UCI and we have to add Timeline Control on the Dashboard to show Posts on UI.

Hope this helps.

Happy 365'ing

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