Friday, 6 December 2019

Terminate Control - Power Automate (Microsoft Flows)

Hi Everyone,

As we all know that Dynamics 365 CE Product Team is recommending Power Automate (Microsoft Flows) instead of Background workflows in CRM. That way, things will be executed completed outside of CRM/CE and there won't any load on the CE instance. Also, Power Automate comes with lot of other features and connectors.

Today, I was exploring Flows and as we have Stop Workflow step in the Workflow, I was checking for the same in Flow and you know, yes we do have the same feature in Flows as well.

Search for Terminate Control in the Action and you will see.

It comes with three options Cancelled, Failed and Succeeded. For Failed, we can give Code and Message. The same would be passed as a response.

Please note Terminate Control terminates (stops) the complete process. 

There is an option to Enter Custom Value for status. However, it is not working  and throws below error while saving the flow.

Hope this helps.

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