Sunday, 16 February 2020

Dynamics 365 - Get the details of Parent record to child using Calculated Field - No Code


Today I was working on some requirement to show data from Parent record. Normally, we go with Quick view form but here we need the data to be stored on the child entity so that Advanced find, Reports and integrations shows the same info.

There are two ways to achieve it. We might go with Plugins (Pre-Operation), Flows or Workflows. There is one way to do the same and that is using Calculated Fields.

Create a calculated field and use the formula as below.

Condition - If Account Contains Data

Action - Just type the schema name of the lookup on the current entity, in my scenario Parent Account and then put .(dot), you will see the fields from the Parent entity and select the field as per requirement.

The only caveat is, it doesn't work on change of Account value on the Form as the calculated formula works on the retrieval of the data.

Hope this helps.

Happy 365'ing


  1. One query Gopinath..Can we run a report using the same calculated field with the expectation of proper result in real time or we should wait for few time for the correct data to be reflected.


    1. Hi Amit, We can run the report, calculated field is a formula field which applies logic run time. Thanks.