Friday, 7 February 2020

Generate PDF/Send PDF as an Email Attachment - Dynamics 365 CE OOB - No Code - 2020 Release Wave 1 Feature


We were building many solutions to generate PDF and send it as an attachment via email. Generating /Creating PDF is one of the most awaiting feature.

Here are the steps for the same.

1) Open Sales Hub APP
2) Navigate to APP Settings - at the bottom of the site map, select Change area , and select App Settings.
3) Under General Settings --> Overview --> Productivity Tools --> Convert to PDF --> Manage

4) Enable the settings on the entities.
4) Select Save.
Now go to Account form/Quote form/anything where the setting is enabled, you will see two buttons 
1) Create PDF and then select the Quote Template

It shows two Options 
         a) Save to Share point - It will automatically the PDF to Share Point and you can see it under Document grid of the record.
         b) Download a copy.

2) Email as PDF and then select the Quote Template. Once you select the Template, email record with is populated with the below values.

To - Potential customer of the quote
From - Current user
Attachments - The generated PDF, added as an attachment
Regarding - Quote record from which the email was triggered
Subject - Quote title
Hope this helps.

Happy 365'ing

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