Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Basic Security Role Privilege for Data Import in CRM


Today, one of the users in CRM was unable to import data in CRM. We did check the security role and found that the user doesn't have correct privilege for importing the data.

Here are the basic security role privilege for data import
  • Data Import – Except Assign and share we need all the rest user level 
  • Data Map – Except Assign and share we need all the rest user level 
  • Import source file –Except Assign, share and Delete we need all the rest user level 
  • Web Wizard - Read 
  • Web Wizard Access Privilege - Read 
  • Wizard Page - Read

Hope this helps.
Happy CRM'ing


  1. I use Ideals virtual data room for data security. I think it is bettter to use it, rather other service. Moreover you get a possibility to manage documents very progressively.

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