Friday, 4 September 2015

SoapLogger to generate a Request XML in CRM 2013/2015


Normally, we feel the pain if there is something to be written in JS like generating the request XML for Create, Update, Assign, SetStatus, Calling an Action etc.

Product team understood our pain and gave a tool for generate the request XML.

Here are the steps for it.

1) Download SDK and Extract it.
2) Goto SDK\SampleCode\CS\Client\SOAPLogger.
3) Open the solution in Visual Studio
4) Open SOAPLogger.cs
5) Add the code which you want to execute as below.
6) Go to the bin folder of the project.
7) You will see a text file created with name as output which will has both request and response.
You can follow the same procedure for generating any request XML in CRM.

Hope this helps.
Happy CRM'ing


  1. In my situation output file is being generated as blank although request executed successfully.

  2. Hi, Put a debugger and check. There might be some exception or something going wrong. Otherwise, can you please paste the piece of code here.

  3. Hi ,
    i didn't get any error while executing but file size is 0.i am trying to execute PickFromQueueRequest .