Friday, 4 September 2015

Call Actions from Javascript/C# in CRM 2013/2015 and Trigger a plugin


Today we got a requirement to call a Plugin on click of Custom button.

First we thought of updating a field in the record and register a plugin on that field update. After some search I came to that we can trigger a plugin on execution of Action and also we can execute the Action from Javascript.

Follow the below steps to implement this.

Create a blank Action name Trigger Plugin.
Open Plugin Registration Tool and Register a plugin which you want to execute.
Create a step and give the message as Action Name.

That's it, you are done.
When you execute a Action, you will the plugin is triggered.
One more good thing is we can call the Action from JavaScript and also from C#.

OrganizationRequest orgReq = new OrganizationRequest("new_TriggerPlugin");
orgReq["Target"] = new EntityReference("account", new Guid("01DC64CE-0752-E511-80D8-000D3AA023B6"));
OrganizationResponse response = iService.Execute(orgReq);

function CallAction() {
    var accountId =;
    var entityName = "account";
    var requestName = "new_TriggerAction";
    ExecuteAction(accountId, entityName, requestName);

function ExecuteAction(entityId, entityName, requestName) {
    // Creating the request XML for calling the Action
    var requestXML = ""
    requestXML += "<s:Envelope xmlns:s=\"\">";
    requestXML += "  <s:Body>";
    requestXML += "    <Execute xmlns=\"\" xmlns:i=\"\">";
    requestXML += "      <request xmlns:a=\"\">";
    requestXML += "        <a:Parameters xmlns:b=\"\">";
    requestXML += "          <a:KeyValuePairOfstringanyType>";
    requestXML += "            <b:key>Target</b:key>";
    requestXML += "            <b:value i:type=\"a:EntityReference\">";
    requestXML += "              <a:Id>" + entityId + "</a:Id>";
    requestXML += "              <a:LogicalName>" + entityName + "</a:LogicalName>";
    requestXML += "              <a:Name i:nil=\"true\" />";
    requestXML += "            </b:value>";
    requestXML += "          </a:KeyValuePairOfstringanyType>";
    requestXML += "        </a:Parameters>";
    requestXML += "        <a:RequestId i:nil=\"true\" />";
    requestXML += "        <a:RequestName>" + requestName + "</a:RequestName>";
    requestXML += "      </request>";
    requestXML += "    </Execute>";
    requestXML += "  </s:Body>";
    requestXML += "</s:Envelope>";
    var req = new XMLHttpRequest();"POST", Xrm.Page.context.getClientUrl() + "/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc/web", false);
    req.setRequestHeader("Accept", "application/xml, text/xml, */*");
    req.setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "text/xml; charset=utf-8");
    req.setRequestHeader("SOAPAction", "");
    //Get the Resonse from the CRM Execute method
    var response = req.responseXML;

You can use SoapLogger to generate request for you. Follow the link to know How to use SoapLogger

Hope this helps.

Happy CRM'ing


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  3. i followed the steps, but action is not triggering the plugin. can you please help