Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Generate PDF/Send PDF as an Email Attachment - Dynamics 365 CE OOB - No Code


We were building many solutions to generate PDF and send it as an attachment via email. This is one of the most awaiting feature.

Here are the steps for the same.

1) Open Sales Hub APP
2) Navigate to APP Settings - at the bottom of the site map, select Change area , and select App Settings.
3) Under Sales Administration, select PDF generation
4) To enable or disable PDF generation, on the Generate PDF file page, under Select whether PDF files can be created, saved, and emailed based on Dynamics 365 Sales entity records, set the Quote toggle to Enabled or Disabled. This option is set to Enabled by default.

5) Select Apply.

Now go to Quote form, you will see two buttons 

1) Create PDF and then select the Quote Template
2) Email as PDF and then select the Quote Template. Once you select the Template, email record with is populated with the below values.

To - Potential customer of the quote
From - Current user
Attachments - The generated PDF, added as an attachment
Regarding - Quote record from which the email was triggered
Subject - Quote title

Note : As of now, it is available only on Quote entity. 

Hope this helps.

Happy 365'ing

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  1. How can I send automatically emails here to 2 addresess??