Wednesday, 27 November 2019

When role is assigned to a Team - Dynamics 365

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If you have observed there is a new setting on Security Role saying "When role is assigned to a team". Let's get into little deeper on that here.

As we all know that every user must be associated with a security role and even thought the user belongs to Team and the Team has Security Roles. Also, the Security that is assigned to User must have Basic Privilege to get the Privileges that were given by the Security that is associated with the Team.

With this new settings, we can say Good bye to the above statement. If we select the setting as "Direct User (Basic) access level and Team privileges" and if the User belongs to some Team and that Team has a Security Role (with setting as Default - Team privileges only) which gives access to the User and we don't need to give any security role to the Team. The users would be able to login without any issue by making use of the Team Security Role.
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